Massage Therapy Services

At Assuage Wellness Centre we are here for you.

All of our massage treatments are performed by registered massage therapists.

Each massage is specifically designed with you in mind. Beginning with our thorough health history form and assessment. 

We will implement a treatment plan that is best suited for your unique needs. This is achieved through communication between client and therapist. Priding ourselves in our advanced education we have a variety of techniques to design and achieve the most beneficial treatment for our clients

Our Price List:

90 minute massage-$125 plus tax
60 minute massage-$100 plus tax
45 minute massage-$75 plus tax
30 minute massage-$55 plus tax

Here is a sample of some of the advanced education that our therapists have:

Craniosacral release( Upledger Institute)
Deep Tissue Massage (Gary Schweitzer)
TMJ Mastery " the jaw" (John Corry)
Myofascial Rapid Release
Cupping Aromatherapy
LaStone Therapy  

Massage therapy at Assuage Wellness Centre


A Stand-Alone Treatment

LaStone Therapy

“The Original Hot Stone Massage”

This massage combines the use of smooth hot basalt stones and chilled marble stones. This thermotherapy stimulates and relaxes the circulatory system. Produces alternately sedative and re-energizing responses from the body.
If you haven’t tried this massage don’t miss out. It is the best high- quality hot stone massage you will experience.

* This massage is not covered by most extended health care plans*