Body Care

Body back scrub

Herbal Cellulite Treatment

This treatment begins with a lymphatic stimulating dry brush of the legs. You receive the dry brush to take home.
A thin layer of herbal cellulite masque is applied and legs are wrapped in plastic to allow treatment to process. This is a stimulating product so expect a warming sensation and increased circulation to occur.
You will be cocooned in blankets to keep warm while you receive a relaxing face massage with cool marble stones to offset the warming affect of legs. Once the treatment has processed you will be unwrapped and products will be removed with warm towels.
This treatment finishes with a stimulating massage for the legs using our very healing Stone Crop Oil.

60 minutes | $89

Stone Crop Rejuvenating Body Wrap

In this first step we will prepare your skin with a hydrating body scrub applied to your back, legs and arms.
 Next we will apply a rejuvenating mask. You will be cocooned in blankets to keep you warm during processing.
 To send you into a deeper state of relaxation, your head and neck will be supported with a Still Point Inducer while you drift away on a guided meditation journey. 
The final step is cleaning your body with warm towels and a soothing hydration oil is applied.

60 minutes | $99

Sacred Nature Face & Body

This full body treatment begins with a soothing facial and hydrating mask. An all over body exfoliant will be applied to soften and smooth the skin. The product will be removed with aromatic warm towels. To complete this decadent treatment, a deeply nourishing lotion is massaged into the skin to relax the body and promote blood circulation. 

90 minutes | $139

Restorative Back Facial

This treatment begins with an exfoliation to prepare your entire back. A specially selected mask will be applied to your back. Then you will be wrapped in plastic and cocooned in blankets while enjoying a relaxing face and scalp massage In the final step, your body will be cleansed and a moisturizer selected for your skin requirements. Enjoy a 10 minute back massage while it's applied.

45 minutes | $69