Vinyasa Yoga

All bodies are welcome. This class is suitable for people who have past yoga experience. 
Mixed Level:  Classes will have a range of students, and teacher will offer modifications.
Vinyasa Yoga :   

A challenging class that will leave you feeling powerful and accomplished. Link breath with flowy movement and end on a soft note with a short meditation.

The approach is gentle, supportive and caring.

Chair Yoga

This chair-based Yoga Class will offer the benefits of our other yoga classes but use a chair as a prop for support, balance, or advancing the pose as appropriate for each student.  A series of options are given for each posture to allow students to find the optimal balance between support and challenge to meet them where they are at the moment.  This class will incorporate an exploration of alignment, strength, balance, flexibility, breath, and relaxation.  All are welcome to this class.  No Yoga experience needed.

Evening Flow

All bodies are welcome. This class is suitable for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.
Mixed Level:  Classes will have a range of students, and teacher will offer modifications.
Evening Flow Yoga allows you to arrive and enjoy quiet stillness, move the body and burn off excess energy, and wind down to a deeper state of relaxation as you prepare for your evening.

The approach is gentle, supportive and caring.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the physical practice of yoga. This class guides you through movement that develops strength, flexibility, and develop the connection between, body, mind & breath. Deepen your understanding of the postures & basic alignment in the body, breathing, and relaxation techniques.

This class is designed for mixed-level participants - All Levels Welcome

Rice and Shine Yoga

Rise and Shine yoga is a great way to start your day.  This class guides you through mindful movement building strength and flexibility in the body while cultivating a calm and aware mind. This practice is geared to all levels or practitioners.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is perfect for people who want to try yoga for the first time or for those who are looking for a softer approach to their practice. In this class we will combine gentle yoga poses with breathing exercises and restorative postures to stretch and strengthen the body, reduce stress and calm the mind. Everybody is welcome to practice yoga in this supportive environment. No yoga experience is required.



Kathleen Manson, yoga instructor at Assuage Wellness Centre

Kathleen Manson

Kathleen Manson has been welcoming students into her classes and workshops along the Eastern Shore since she graduated in 2014.  Kathleen leads her classes with a quiet, gentle and compassionate demeanour creating an environment that allows each student to feel comfortable in their individual experience. She is inspired to make yoga accessible to all and is skilled at creating a space of calm for you to unwind.

Christine Baurin, yoga instructor at Assuage Wellness Centre

Christine Baurin

My yoga classes are suitable for people of all skill levels. I believe that yoga is for all beings and that yoga is an individual experience. I respect this and am grateful for the opportunity to accompany and guide you on your unique journey. Yoga is all about rediscovering your true self. Learning from your past, strengthening your present, and building your future. I want you to take my yoga classes beyond the studio and use them in your daily life.

Yoga is so much more than just the poses, it about you, the whole Y.O.U.